Florida Wildlife Festival

19th annual Florida Wildlife festival
Saturday, October 20, 2018 at Cadwell Park
11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Meet the Experts

Mike Orlando, Assistant Coordinator of the FWC’s Black Bear Management Program
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Mike will share information regarding Florida black bear biology and behavior, and the science and techniques used to discover the secrets of a bear’s life. Learn about interactions and contact between bears and people in Florida – where, how and why they occur and how to ensure these interactions will be positive and safe experiences. Mike has been a partner of the festival for an extended period of time offering information regarding safely coexisting with the Florida black bear in your neighborhood and while recreating in the forest. Meet Mike and his team at the FWC exhibit on festival grounds.


Lisa Ostberg, Defenders of Wildlife Florida coexistence Coordinator and FWC black bear response unit

Lisa will share exciting information about the current state of the panther population and Defenders' efforts to foster the peaceful coexistence of panthers, livestock, pets and people in the ever-changing landscape of Florida. With only an estimated 120 -230 remaining in the wild, Florida panthers are one of the most endangered mammals on the planet. Over the last 30+ years, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) has worked closely with FWC, as well as other Federal agencies and private partners to make significant progress toward Florida panther recovery. However, the growth of the panther population in recent years has come with challenges: due to the resulting geographic expansion of the population, the number of panther deaths on roadways has increased significantly and we've seen as a rise in loss of hobby livestock and pets as well, as panthers adapt their feeding habits to living on suburban fringes. Meet Lisa at the Defenders of Wildlife Tent on festival grounds.

Lisa Ostberg


Laurie Peterson, Program Assistant at Trout Lake Nature Center

Laurie Peterson
Laurie Peterson
Laurie enjoys providing information about Trout Lake Nature Center with a mission to educate and inform people of all ages about not only our environment, but on how to protect and preserve the lands, waters and their inhabitants. As a regional educational resource, the preserve holds numerous demonstrations, talks, events and educational opportunities that will interest all ages. Trout Lake’s commitment to work hand and hand with the Lake County school
system allows children to gain a unique perspective of our area’s wildlife and lands. Meet Laurie
at the Trout Lake exhibit on festival grounds and if you are lucky Mr. G will be out to say hello!



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Florida Wildlife Festival
Florida Wildlife Festival Florida Wildlife Festival Florida Wildlife Festival

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